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  • Orientation/Swim Test Appointments

    • Orientation/Swim Test - 1-2 dogs $35
      This is required for all dogs in order to use our facility.  Review of dog's health history and assessment of dog's swimming skills will be completed.  Orientation to the rules/regulations and procedures will be done to ensure everyone's safe use in and around the pool area.  A maximum of 2 family dogs are allowed per appointment.  Appointment is 35 minutes.
    • Orientation/Swim test - 3-4 dogs $45
    • Swim Test - Additional Family dog $30
      This service is for customers that are already bringing a family dog(s) to SwimDog and now want to test an additional dog(s).  Up to 2 dogs allowed in this appointment.
  • Free Swim Appointments

    Up to 2 dogs that have shown they are independent getting in/out of pool and can swim unassisted.  There is a 28' runway on the deck for dock diving practice.  You can rinse your dog off for free after the swim, however if you want to do a full bath there is a $5 additional charge.
  • Owner-Assisted Swim Appointments

    Due to many requests, we are now allowing owners in the pool with their dogs!  There is a 20 minute dry off time added after this appointment to allow you time to get changed and dry your dog.
  • Staff-Assisted Swim Appointments

    Up to 2 dogs allowed during this session.  Our staff will be in the pool assisting/training dogs that may be: a) fearful of the water, b) first time swimmer, c) rehabbing after surgery, d) arthritic dog needing assistance in the pool or any other needs that require trained staff.
  • Self-Serve Dog Wash Appointments

    • Self-Serve Dog Wash $5
      There's nothing more convenient that washing your dog and leave the mess somewhere else!
    • Nail Trim $10
      All dogs entering the pool must have clipped, smooth nails.




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